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Terror funding allegation an outright insult to sanctity of the church: NBCC

DIMAPUR, APRIL 7 (MExN): The Nagaland Baptist Church Council (NBCC) on Saturday said the Church in Nagaland should not be made a soft target of unfounded accusation to gain political mileage or instil animosity among the people.

Reacting to the article written by one Jaideep Mazumdar, Associate Editor of Swarajya magazine titled, “NIA’s Naga Terror-Funding Probe Reveals Insidious Role Of Top Bureaucrats, Politicians And Church Elders,” the NBCC in a response termed the allegations as “baseless and an outright insult to the sanctity of the church.”

The article which appeared on April 2, 2018 online edition of Swarajya magazine had alleged that not only does the church collects money on behalf of ‘terror outfits’ and routes the amount collected to them but also benefits from the extortion since it gets to retain a part of the sum collected for its activities, including ‘evangelization.’

Stating that the language used in the article is degrading and provocative which is very unbecoming of a senior journalist as a correspondent, the NBCC said the writer has taken advantage of the silence of the church, where in the past; he accused the church of being responsible for the ULB imbroglio.

Though the credential of the writer states as an expert in NEI politics, the NBCC, however said his statements against the church and his analysis of the present political scenario reveal his lack of knowledge about the political and social fabrics of the Nagas.

“The language he used are not only degrading but demeaning and derogatory in nature. The tone of construction merely shows that he stood on a certain religio-politico platform to denigrate and malign the church,” it stated.

The NBCC said the church has time and again stood in the gap in conflict, be it social or political and has played the mediating role in the society. It has raised her voice against corruption, extortion of different kinds and advocated for good governance.

And therefore, to drag the church to that level of accusation in the “widespread extortion racket” as claimed by the writer is nothing but to portray the role of the church in bad light with ill motive. If such has ever happened it should be substantiated, it stated.

The NBCC also went on to state that the church will in no way stand in the way of the people and agencies who are in the business of cleaning the hated rampant corruption and extortion in the society. The church will stand in support of such move but when self interest and unfounded accusations are made against the sanctity of the church, the individual and the agency remain a suspect, it however added.

“This time NIA implicating the ‘church elders’ and a journalist coming out to attack Nagaland Baptist (understood as NBCC) with unfounded accusation is unwarranted. Be it the church or the society we should not allow this to take place. Our spirit and determination to move forward should not be dampened by outside force now trying to even pull down the sacred institution of the Christians. This we must not allow!” it said.

Nagas have lived under the threat of guns and power to divide us for a very long time but we have withstood the test, the NBCC reminded while asserting that the “write up seem to have taken another path to pull us down and divide us further.”

The NBCC also termed the accusation of the church and NBCC of launching a campaign for a certain political party against others as a blatant lie and concocted. This accusation is just an echo of those who sought to win political mileage through false propaganda, it said.


It also chastised the journalist/writer of the article by pointing out that true journalism should come out of subjective presentation-It should enlighten and not malign individual or institution for personal gain.


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