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Thousands rally in Mizoram, demand scrapping of Chakma Council

In its continuous fight against the illegal immigrants from Bangladesh in Mizoram, the state’s biggest NGO’s Young Mizo Association Wednesday took out rallies in different parts of Mizoram demanding the scrapping of Chakma Autonomous District Council, which the YMA claimed as a safe haven for Bangladeshi infiltrators.

Thousands of participants hold placards and shouting slogans such as, ‘We demand the removal of the CADC,’ and ‘Go back, illegal immigrants.’

Addressing the rally in Aizawl, Vanlalruata, president of the Young Mizo Association said: “We understand it is in the power of Parliament to scrap an autonomous council. But, we want the scrapping of this council and we will work towards our demand, no matter, whatever it takes us. If necessary, we might even approach the court which might take a while. But, the truth is we will never back down from this fight.”

Raising concerns over the rapid growth of population in the council areas, he said, “Since the establishment of the CADC in 1972, the council became a safe haven for Bangladeshi infiltrators. The rapid growth of population in the council areas is beyond our understanding. The council was created without the consent of the people of Mizoram, and we have every right to ask for the scrapping of it.”

“If our words continue to fall on deaf ears, and the government failed to hear our plea, there might come a day when we believe we need to take a step further,” he added, and requested the central government to act soon for the scrapping of the CADC.

The Young Mizo Association also submitted a memorandum to Governor Kummanam Rajasekharan, asking an intervention of the Central government to scrap the CADC and deport the illegal immigrants.

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