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TNL condemns arrest of W. Sayai

UKHRUL| Jan 10

Tangkhul Naga Long (TNL) - the parent body of Tangkhul CVOs: TKS, TSL, TMNL and TNWL, after a prolonged deliberation on January 8 has decried the conduct of one captain Dheeraj of 17 Assam Rifles based at Litan out-post, Ukhrul district who allegedlywith sponsorship and sinister design arrested a deputy kilonser, W. Sayai.

A release signed by president of TNL,Hopingson A Shimray stated that W. Sayaiholds a special identity issued by the Ceasefire Agreed Ground Rules Monitoring Group to facilitate mobility of NSCN senior functionaries in order to promote an atmosphere conducive to move the India-Naga political talks to a negotiated and honourable settlement.

“The arrest of W. Sayai by a mere captain of 17 Assam Rifles once again exhibits total disrespect of the hard-earned peace initiatives and to disrupt conducive political atmosphere that has prevailed to bringing the rigorous political conversations between the Government of India and the Naga people headed by NSCN IM this far following declaration of ceasefire in 1997 and the political talks being at its advanced stage today,” it said

It also asserted that W. Sayai was arrested at Sharkaphung junction which undeniably falls under Litan police station, Ukhrul district and is nearest to where the arrest was made, and not at Gwaltabi ( as mentioned in the 17AR's FIR) which is much further south falling under Imphal East PS.

While stating that it must be clearly noted that the special identity card of W. Sayai is still missing while the rest of the list of seizure have all been received by the police station where W. Sayai was handed over, it also alleged that to defiantly dishonour the special identity card issued by the government of India on variable pretexts displays tacit nexus between the “highly communal Meitei Manipur state government” and the Assam Rifles.

The protest put up by the Shangkai and other Kuki community against the AR's conducts brought down the AR authority to humiliating term and shows the AR's customary uncultured behaviour even now while the hill peoples in this part of the region need continuous recovery from psychological devastation caused by the Indian military actions since several decades ago today, the release asserted

The release further stated that the Tangkhul CVOs while vehemently condemning the behaviour of captain Gautam Dheeraj demand immediate transfer of the captain in order to save the population from further recurrence of such unwarranted actions from 17 Assam Rifles. The coordination meeting also demanded handing over of the special identity card of W. Sayai to the police station concerned with unqualified apology from the 17th AR with the assurance of not repeating such deplorable actions in the future before the general population could befittingly react back, it added.


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