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Tourism Festival at Huishu concludes

UKHRUL| Nov 18

Organised by Mikpingla Industries (MPI) and Ukhrul Hills Development Foundation (UHDF) in association with NEC, the first ever ‘North East Tourism Festival’ which was held from November 15 at the river bank of Huishu in the northern part of Ukhrul district, concluded on November 17.

The event was organised with the aim of promoting and exploring the exotic regions bordering Myanmar, and Huishu village is situated just 6 kilometres away from the international border pillar no 125 of Indo-Myanmar border making it a perfect venue for the 3-day long tourism festival. The village with a total population of 1018 also stands majestically at an elevation of 1699m above sea level.

The 3-day nonstop extravaganza of food and music was the first of its kind held in the remote area of Huishu; and despite the pathetic road conditions and poor infrastructure, the people of the village woke up to showcase the rich exotic foods and beauty of Huishu region to the rest of the world. People from various corners of the Manipur and other parts of the country and the world including tourists from USA attended the tourism festival.

Raphei area is reputed for its tradition of generosity, warm hospitality and rich culture; and true to their reputation, the visitors had a good time experiencing the hospitality of the region. Nonstop music, mountain trekking and good food were the main attractions of the festival. And it may be specifically mentioned that fresh fish from the river and the local pork cooked with red chilli powder were some of the special delicacies offered to the visitors.  

Hundreds of people were seen enjoying at the ‘Phungshumram’, the spot for the festival which is surrounded by three lakes Hokorokaso, Ngamlung and Tarungkarankaso. The fresh air of the region aided by the warm hospitality and the special fresh river fish delicacy provided an awesome experience for the visitors.

Bonfires along with music from all genres including rock, pop, blues, reggae and alternative rock filled the nights during the festival. The evening musical concerts witnessed performances from some of the famous bands of the State which included Featherheads, Pulse Pundits, Oking, Friday the Band and Phoenix. Local artistes such as Theithei Luithui, Yursari Ngalung, Thotsemphi Luithui, JC Kitts and Shimreingam Horam also enthralled the crowd with their riveting performances.

The festive mood was further enhanced by bikers from Manipur Riders and Hao Riders. Attired in leather jackets and helmets, the bikers were seen riding the dusty road towards the eastern mountain and circling the river bank. CHIKO-the adventure club from Ukhrul catered tents and sleeping bags for the travellers.


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