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Tribal food mela held at Churachandpur

CHURACHANDPUR | Sept 27 : During the Poshan Tribal Food Mela organised by Autonomous District Council, Churachandpur today at ADCC campus, Tuibong here as part of Rastriya Poshan Maah observance programme, many local tribal delicacies caught the fancy of visitors and food lovers alike as they savoured items that are on offer. Besides, ethnic culinary of various tribes living in Churachandpur were showcased.

Tribal dishes such as Pachokchonol (mashed wood ear mushroom), Bawngke-rot, boiled pork, sawhchhiar (rice and chicken pilaf), mehpawk (chagempomba, a local dish), snail, chutney, salad, different kinds of wild and organic fruits and importantly tribal drinks (rice beer and beverage made of banana) are some items that received wide attraction today.

CEO, ADCC, T. Kammuanlal Simte said that the event was aimed at making the district and the State ‘malnutrition-free’ besides conveying the message about the importance of right nutrition, right food and other healthy and hygienic practices to every household.

Inaugurating the Mela, Chairman, ADCC, V. Khaikhanmung, underlined the importance of nutritious food. He said tribal foods are mostly organic and nutritious while also urging all concerned to derive maximum benefits of the event.

Deputy Commissioner of Churachandpur, Shyam Lal Poonia said that with advancement in technology and invasion of the culture by factory foods with news and social media, it is imperative that the indigenous foods, which are proven nutritious and readily available round the year at a fair price, are promoted. This will also go a long way in reconnecting the younger generations with their roots, he stated. He further said that most of the young people now forget the practices of their forefathers.

As such, events such as the tribal food mela would also serve as the right platform to link the present generation with their past apart from fulfilling the objective of bringing children and lactating mothers under the coverage of Nutrition mission, he added.

Display of over 50 recipes of 12 tribes of Churachandpur district, varieties of chutneys and diverse vegetables and wild fruits, traditional parade; health awareness talks, spot painting competition etc, are amongst other highlights of the event.

FO, ADCC, Ng. Rajesh said the Mela is the first of its kind in the entire district of Churachandpur and the organisers are thrilled by the footfall at the Mela, which also witnessed impressive attendance from ADCC Members.

Similar event was also held on September 17 last at Joutung village in Pherzawl district.

Papao Haokip, a food enthusiast said that one’s palate is satiated by the titillating flavours of local tribal delicacies. The idea, if enlarged, would be a hit among the food lovers of the district, he added.

Meanwhile, earlier in the day, a rally as part of SVEEP campaign was organized by the district Election Office wherein students and DLOs took part. The rally began from Churachandpur Government College and culminated at ADCC premises.

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