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Tribal group threatens shut down of Churachandpur district

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IMPHAL| Oct 22

The All Tribal Rights Protection Forum Manipur (ATRPFM), irked by the delaying in conducting election to the chairman of Churachandpur Autonomous District Council, has threatened to call bandh within few days’ time. Condemning that the State Government could not conduct election to the chairman of ADC, Churachandpur even after 3 months, the ATRPFM termed it as unconstitutional. The tribal rights group then threatened to impose “total shut down” of Churachandpur district if the State Government fails to address the issue at the earliest.

“We have tried our best to secure the conduct of election by way of floor test with several requests and approaches to the Governor, the Chief Minister, and the concerned Minister (Tribal Affairs and Hills),” said the ATRPFM. It also said that the Governor had written to the Secretary( Tribal Affairs and Hills) twice, and also talked with the concerned authorities over the phone. “However, the State Government is reluctant to conduct the election till date,” it added.

According to the ATRPFM, the previous chairman of ADC, Churachandpur resigned from the post and the resignation was accepted on July 30, 2018. Accordingly, the date for fresh election was fixed for August 24, 2018 by an order “dated 18.08.2018 and the presider was appointed by an order dated 21.08.2018”, said the ATRPFM. “However, the proposed election was postponed to September 4, 2018 by an order dated 23.08.2018. Again, the proposed election which was scheduled to be held on September 4 was postponed indefinitely without assigning any reason. “It is nothing but a cheap political game at the cost of all developmental works hampering the implementation of welfare schemes,” the ATRPFM said, adding, “It has also defeated the primary objective of the local governance of which the State Government is supposed to promote, protect and safeguard at all cost”.

The ATRPFM then said that the the judiciary is supposed to understand this and give speedy judgement. “However, no order has been passed by the Hon’ble High Court till date,” it rued, adding, “We truly believe that the Hon’ble Court may pass the order soon for the conduct of election to the chairman of ADC, Churachandpur”.

“Given the above mentioned facts and circumstances, ATRPFM seeks co-operation from all civil societies and public for imposing a total shut down of Churachandpur district within few days’ time,” the tribal rights body stated. It then cautioned that the State Government will be responsible for any untoward incident during the bandh.


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