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Two-day national seminar on “Hinduism in Manipur” held

IMPHAL | Oct 26

A two-day national seminar on Hinduism in Manipur started today at Manipur University, political science lecture hall no. 1 ,organised by Centre for Manipur studies MU.

On the inaugural function of two-day seminar, Manipur University administrator, Jarnail Singh said that courage of conviction and doing right things comes from religion. “And many times, the knowledge you have would not help solving your problems, there is a need to go somewhere and learnt it by experience and come.” He himself did the same thing and that helped in assisting government administration, he said.

He expressed that the topic of the seminar ‘Hinduism’ is difficult for him to understand. When he served in Manipur for about 19 years he had little knowledge in the beginning about the state. However, he wrote a documentary about Manipur on what he saw, he did and what he felt.

He urged the Centre for Manipur studies to study on improving administration other than religion.

On inaugural function MU School of social science, dean, prof. N.Lokendra, MU Anthropology head prof. MC Arunkumar, MU former dean, School of human and environment science, prof. W. Nabakumar, MU Centre for Manipur Studies, director, prof. Senjam Mangi attended.

This seminar intends to address the theme on religious, socio-political culture and economic life of Pre-Hindu Manipur; state patronage and advent of Hinduism in Manipur and its evolution; local resistance, religious reform and revivalist movement; Hinduism and syncretisation with the native religious element; Hinduism and its impact on contemporary, intellectual life, and culture.

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