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Two NSCN (IM) overground workers apprehended post camp destruction in Arunachal

In the series of intense operations on underground outfits, delivering a major blow to NSCN (IM), Security Forces under the aegis of DAO division conducted successful operations in Arunachal Pradesh’s Motongsa village post destruction of three major NSCN (IM) camps on July 3 and apprehended two overground workers of NSCN (IM).

In subsequent search operations that took place post destruction of NSCN (IM) camps near Motongsa village, the Jarampur battalion of Security Forces apprehended two overground workers — Khamchang Tikhak alias Michale and Babloo Tikhak residents of New Longchong village.

The duo, during spot interrogation, admitted to being linked with NSCN(IM) and confessed to be working as overground workers for the group. The duo was also actively involved in extortion activities in Miao and Nampong circles, claimed defence sources.

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