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Ukhrul all geared up to celebrate World Music Day

Ukhrul is all geared up to celebrate World Music Day on 21st June at Ukhrul Town Hall starting from 1.00 pm onwards.

The event, with the theme 'Music for Living', is initiated by Ukhrul Music Organization (UMO) and powered by Tangkhul Music Forum (TMF).

The event will witness the performance of various popular artists and bands from Ukhrul. Shanon Shaiza will be the MC for the event.

The line up for the concert includes Friday the band, Brainstorm, Overture, Mac Kasar and the band, Featherheads, and performance by various artist including Olive, Kingsword, AS Philaror, Ngathingpam, Lanlan Huileng, Chonchon Varah, Thanreiso Zingkhai, Phungshok R Shimray, Ramchanphi Zngkhai. It will also witness the performances by 27th Assam Riffles Band, Ukhrul School of Music and Grace School of Music.

The entry is free for all


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