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Ukhrul tense over arrests of two accused in crime, mob attack police station

UKHRUL | Oct 3 : Ukhrul police station came under attack by an irate mob Wednesday night injuring a policeman and causing damage to properties inside the police station.

The incident took place around 8 pm after the police arrested two individual accused of assaulting a man. The accused arrested by the police have been identified as Tennyson Zingkhai and Reisang Kuireiwo both from Kuirei Village.

Police sources said the mob comprising mostly of Kuire village came stormed the police station demanding the immediate release Tennyson and Reisang.

The mob pelted stone at the police injuring a policeman and also inflicted damage to a police vehicle and window panes of the station.

In order to disperse the mob, Ukhrul Police resorted to blank firing and shelling of tear gas. The situation was brought under control with the intervention of 27 Assam Rifles.

On 20 September, the Ukhrul Police got a report of an assault and attempted murder on one KMS Tuisem (58 years) of Kalhang Village, Ukhrul District, Manipur.

The complaint said that around 9:30 am one KMS Tuisem and his son namely Somipam KMS were assaulted by Tennyson Zingkhai and Reisang Kuireiwo both from Kuirei Village, Ukhrul District. As a result of the assault the father and son sustained injuries on their body and that the incident happened at Phungreitang Ukhrul near ZEO Office.

Accordingly, acting on the report, the Ukhrul police arrested Tennyson Zingkhai s/o Ngashansang Zingkhai and Reisang Kuireiwo s/o Kingson Kuireiwo on Wednesday at around 11 am.

On the other hand, a counter complaint report was filed by Z. Thangasung s/o Tennyson Zingkhai of Kuirei Village and Wungreiwon Kuireiwo elder sister of Reisang Kuireiwo of Kuirei Village on 21 September. The FIR mentioned that KMS Tuisem and son KMS Somipam of Kalhang attacked Tennyson Zingkhai and Reisamg Kuireiwo with sharp weapon at around 10 am at Phungreitang near CLC on 20 September while they were returning home. They were referred to JNIMS for treatment.

Ukhrul Police informed that they were acting on the FIR first filed on 20 September 2018 and will take up the counter FIR filed on 21 September 2018.

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