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UNC issues clarification regarding Black Day observations

IMPHAL | Sept 16 : The United Naga Council (UNC) has issued a clarification regarding the Sahnit Ni (Black Day) programme which was observed on September 13 at Tuibuong, Kuki Inpi Complex, Churachandpur.

A release from the publicity wing of UNC alleged that “The ulterior motive of Kuki National Organisation (KNO) in organising Sahnit Ni (Black Day) is nothing but to expose the hollowness of the so called Kuki Movement to the outside world and also, to prove their defeat and frustration.”

The world knows the undeniable origin and history of the Kukis and its first movement in Burma and its end result, it said while adding that “Now, the same people after its failure in Burma is playing the same game in the present State of Manipur.” It also condemned the use of terms like ‘Genocide’ and ‘Pogrom’ being used by the KNO.

The release further said that the Naga National struggle for self-determination continued for more than half a century basically for political recognition of Naga as a distinct nation. While stating the movement is basically a struggle of an emerging nationality for a political identity of its own, UNC alleged that the KNO and its associates in connivance with adversaries took up arms against the Naga people just for a hollow dream to create a Kuki Homeland within Naga territory.

UNC also asserted that “Owing to the evil policy of the KNO, widespread confrontation took placed between the Kukis and the Nagas and there were huge casualty on both sides.” The KNO SS had incited the innocent Kuki people to fight against the Nagas and as a consequent upon, many precious lives and properties were lost during 1992-97 clashes, it added.

There is no Tangkhul or any other ethnic group based Naga Political Party(s) in the history of Naga Political Movement, the release continued while deriding the branding of NSCN as Tangkhul led NSCN by the KNO. It is nothing but a satanic policy and cheap propaganda which will never be able to weaken the solid based Naga National Movement and its position, it said.

UNC, in its release, additionally blamed president of KNO, P.S Haokip for opening “the Pandora Box with its evil motive” adding that if any undesirable situation develops, the entire responsibility will have to be borne by KNO and its associates.


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