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UNLF/MPA clarifies, claims Nagamapal bomb blast

IMPHAL | Nov 1

The proscribed United National Liberation Front (UNLF) informed that the grenade attack against a truck carrying CRPF personnel at Nagamapal on October 20 was carried out by a two men tactical unit of Manipur People’s Army (MPA) which is the military wing of UNLF.    

A release signed by director, department of publicity, M. Sak-hen said however, Khaidem Sana, son of Kh. Babu from Nongren Maning leikai who is presently residing at Nagamapal and Yumlembam Milan son of late Manihar from Nongren Maning Leikai who are friends of UNLF/MPA, are not at all involved in the attack against CRPF.

The drama of the success story which has been fabricated by Manipur police and produced through press releases and a press meet held on October 30 was played out by putting the blame to two arrested persons, as they could not trace out the facts behind the bomb explosion, it said.

It is appealed to the public not to fall for such lies spread by Manipur police, it further said.  This may all seem confusing to the general public but the officials of Manipur police who arrested the two friends and investigated the case would know the truth, it continued.

However,  the claims made by Manipur police that they have arrested the persons involved in the bomb blast was done in their attempts to deceive the people by blaming the two, the release informed.  

The persons arrested in police operation, Oinam Premjit, Oinam Ongbi Pinki, and Sahb Uddin Chesaba are not related to UNLF/MPA in any manner of form, it further said.

The claim made by police that arms have been recovered from Oinam Premjit’s residence, will be investigated by UNLF to find out whether they were actually seized from the two arrested MPAs and made to look like they were later seized from innocent civilians or how they were found, it added.

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