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Vehicles older than 15 years to be banned: Radhakishor

IMPHAL | Sept 12 : After the completion of the on-going assessment of ambient air, noise and emission of smoke, vehicles which are 15 years or older will be seized to make pollution free environment and to reduce causing of diseases.

Chairman of Manipur Pollution Control Board (MPCB), L. Radhakishor Singh made this statement during the third day of the pollution drive conducted today in front of Nupi Lal Complex, Imphal. He said the drive for assessment of ambient air, noise and smoke started on September 1 as per order released on August 25.

He said that it was found on the very first day of the drive that the air pollution was beyond permissible level, and he had announced that the condition of the air in the state was at vulnerable condition.

In the subsequent days of the same drive by the department, it has been found that concentration of ambient air particles is at least twice in excess of the permissible level, he added.

Radhakishor further said the main cause of the air pollution diesel engine vehicles especially passenger service diesel engine vehicles, he said.

During the ambient smoke drive about 70 percent of diesel passenger service vehicles were found beyond permissible limit, he added.

According to motor vehicle act and environment protection act it is said that vehicles beyond fifteen years should be ceased to save the environment, he said.

In some metropolitan cities however, the said fifteen years may be shortened and it depends upon the year of manufacture and according to the usage and maintenance of the vehicle, the chairman said.

He said the screening of ambient air, noise and smoke will be completed on September 17 for the city area. After screening in city areas has been completed, the screening drive will continue at various districts capitals of the state. He said though ambient air pollutant cannot be seen by naked eyes it has been found beyond permissible limit as per the test result. The pollution could be one of the main reasons for increasing rate of deadly diseases, as due to inhalation of poisonous gas emitted from the out-dated vehicles could cause various dreadful diseases, Radhakishor asserted.

He said the screening drive has been conducting under the instruction of chief minister, N. Biren to make a pollution free state. He assured that to make a pollution free state, MPCB will start seizing of out-dated vehicles which are beyond 15 years.

He appealed that the vehicles should be checked-up at regular intervals as government will start ceasing of out-dated vehicles especially diesel engine vehicles.

It may mentioned that MPCB has issued an order September 1, keeping in view of the importance and seriousness, and in compliance of the noise pollution (regulation and control) rules, 2000, and to regulate and control of noise producing, and generating source in the state due to modified silencers on the bike or motor vehicles.

Under section 5 of the Environment (Protection) Act, 1986, MPCB had directed the ban of using loud silencers of motor vehicles in the state as a measure to control the ever increasing noise pollution in the city, thereby causing serious health hazards.

The issued order has not been properly implemented as many modified loud silencers of both two and four wheelers vehicles are seen driving without any caution and have been causing hazardous noise pollution in the society while screening on noise pollution caused by diesel passenger service vehicles are going on.

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