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Will helicopter passenger services stay functional for longer time?

JIRIBAM | Sept 23 : The public have expressed concern whether the helicopter services recently launched under the BJP led government on September 19 to connect Jiribam and Imphal would be able to fully provide its services to the people.

It is said that after the successfully launch of the Helicopter passenger service, the Helicopter in which the CM, Biren Singh flew suffered from technical problems and he had to fly back to Imphal riding the Helicopter of Pawan Hans.

However, the people of Jiribam came to hear of a false rumour that Helicopters for the newly launched Helicopter passenger service programme have started malfunctioning. In reality, the CM came on an MI Helicopter while the Helicopters meant for the transporting passengers are from Pawan Hans.

Though the doubts have been cleared regarding which Helicopter the CM came riding and which ones will be used for passenger services, it was informed that on September 20, a day after the launching of the Helicopter services on September 19, the Helicopter which left Imphal at 9:00 am had to return back after landing at Harinagar, Jiribam at 1:05 pm due to bad weather conditions.

The service was provided for just a day on September 20 and remained non-functional so far until the technical problems and issues with the weather are solved. It has been informed the further services will be resumed on September 24.

The people of Jiribam have raised concerns whether the Helicopter passenger services will be functional in the coming winter and rainy season when it has already stopped due to some fluctuations in the weather.

A few sections have expressed that authorities concerned should look into it while there is still time.

On this matter, one Gentson Rongmei has expressed that it is a matter of happiness that Helicopter passenger services are now made available to Jiribam. It would be advantageous in times of emergencies, and during bandh and blockades.


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