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Youtube video unites man after 40 years

IMPHAL | Apr 15 : A man from Khumbong who remained missing for nearly 40 years after leaving home was found living in streets of Mumbai, on Saturday.

Khomdram Gambhir, son of Late K. Laxmon of Khumbong Mamang Leikai, who is believed to be in his mid 60s, left home in the afternoon of 1978 without informing any of his family members.

Since then he remained traceless until yesterday when his video footage was uploaded by a street photographer based in Mumbai, Bandra.

Feroze uploaded the video of Gambhir on YouTube on October 17, 2017. The video was seen by an assistant professor of NERIST University, Arunachal Pradesh namely Aheibam Dinamani. He later informed about the video to Romen Leichombam who is from Khumbom Maning Leikai, the same locality as Gambhir Singh.

Gambhir Singh’s younger brother Kulachandra came to know yesterday morning only that his brother was still alive and is living in Mumbai when one of his nephew came with the video footage. The video caught the attention of one Aheibam Dinamani, an assistant professor at NERIST university of Arunachal Pradesh. He contacted Romen Leichombam, the nephew, saying that he saw a video of a man from Khumbong, Manipur who was living in the streets of Mumbai.

Gambhir Singh is the eldest of the 6 sibling, he has a brother and four sisters.

According to his younger brother, Khomram Kulachandra, he was married to a woman from the locality for three months and got separated afterwards. He left home about two months afterwards.

He had also served in the Manipur rifles for 7 years and retired voluntarily.

After one year and in 1979, the family got information that he was in Mizoram but when their parents went to look for him, he already had left the place.

None of the family members has no idea why he left. His younger brother, who was a teenage boy then, said his brother seemed to be bothered but never disclosed his feelings to anyone.

The family continued their search for years but they gave up hope.

“I could not believe when a nephew of mine came running to me with the video footage of my brother. When I saw the video I could not stop crying. I could not eat or sleep from the moment I learnt that my brother is alive and I am very excited. This is like waking up from a nightmare”, Kulachandra said.

As formality, the family had lodged a formal complaint with the concerned police station (Patsoi) after contacting the Mumbai police.

The family along with two policemen from Manipur will bring Gambhir Singh back new week. At present, Gambhir Singh’s family is in a predicament that the charges for getting Gambhir has to be borne by the family. It may be stated that the family is below the poverty line and on a hand to mouth basis.


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