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Zeliangrong Union (AMN) condemns killing of ZUF cadre

IMPHAL | Sept 3 : Zeliangrong Union (AMN) on behalf of Zeliangrong people has condemned the killing of ZUF cadre, Gailuanpou Riamei, 24, of Aziuram village, Tamenglong district by NSCN-IM in a gun fight between the two parties at Tazikram, Longrang (Nongnang) village under Khoupum sub-division on September 1.

A release by general secretary of ZU (AMN) said that Zeliangrong people want peace, non-violence and development, and if there is any misunderstanding between any political groups with the villagers, the matter can be settled through peaceful dialogue.

However, torturing of villagers and killing of people under any political influence is not acceptable and it will not bring any proper solution but will lead to bloodshed that brings only loss to Zeliangrong people, it added.

While sharing the pain and sorrow of the bereaved family, ZU (AMN) appealed all the UG groups operating in Khoupum sub-division to refrain from any kind of killings and torturing of innocent villagers in future.


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