Tripura will be the only state in India to have implemented 100 per cent webcasting during the upcoming Lok Sabha Elections this year, Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) Sriram Taranikanti told reporters in Agartala.

Addressing the media, CEO Taranikanti informed that video viewing and surveillance teams were deployed across Tripura. These teams would monitor all poll activities inside the polling booth on the voting day from the office of concerned district magistrates. In addition, Presiding Officers would provide inputs to corroborate the videos.

“Sufficient CCTV cameras and mobile teams would be deployed to maintain total security. We aim to maintain 100 per cent webcasting on the poll days,” the CEO said.

In areas which have weak Internet strength, video recording would be held and the recorded clips would be submitted to the District Election Officers.

CEO Taranikanti claimed Tripura is the only state in the country which will implement 100 per cent webcasting of Parliament elections this year.

Tripura would undergo polling for Lok Sabha elections in two phases this year. West Tripura seat would will go to poll on April 11, while polling in East Tripura (ST reserved) will be held on April 18. The CEO said that 400 sector officers would be moving to and fro between polling booths with sector police officers on voting day in both constituencies. Twenty thousand polling personnel are being deployed across the state for Lok Sabha elections.

On a different issue, Taranikanti informed that forty-four complaints of election code of conduct violation were lodged with the Election Commission of India and state electoral authority in Tripura till date. The complaints are mostly about alleged political attacks and violence. However, three complaints were lodged about using Indian Army and military feats in electioneering, CEO said.

“We have received 44 complaints so far. Three among them are about using Indian Army and military in political campaigning and electioneering. The complaints are being verified. We are 100 per cent impartial and fair to every political party”, the official said.

Earlier in March, the ECI issued an advisory asking political parties to refrain from using poll propaganda involving the Indian Army and other defence services of the country.

Opposition CPI (M) lodged 22 complaints – the highest till date from any single party in Tripura in the run-up to Parliament elections. BJP has lodged 9 complaints, 2 complaints were lodged from Congress party and 5 complaints were lodged individually with the state electoral authority.


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