IMPHAL |Oct 12: The Naga People’s Organisation (NPO), Senapati, has expressed its strong opposition to the proposed plan to erect memorial stone in the Naga ancestral land to be held as part of Anglo-Kuki war centenary on October 17.

According to the NPO, this ‘design’ is highly provocative as it is an ‘attempt’ to claim ancestral ownership over Naga areas in the ‘guise of commemorating what is known as the Kuki rebellion’ against the British Raj.

“We also call upon the surviving elders among the Kuki community who are upright and respectful of the sentiments of traditional land owners, the Naga villages, to advise the organisers on the fact that the entire erstwhile Manipur north district was Naga ancestral land and continues to be so notwithstanding subsequent of nomenclatures”, the NPO added.

The NPO also called upon the attention of the government of Manipur for swift and immediate action as ‘communal situation may arise if such blatant provocations are allowed to be played out.

The NPO also cautioned that the state government will be ultimately responsible for any undesirable consequence that may arise out of the issue.



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