Oshim leishat otphun

Oshim SW is out with his new music video ‘Leishat Otphun’ and is available on Meiphung Production’s YouTube page

Check out the video and leave your comment below!

Here’s the lyrics of Leishat Otphun

Ini samphang kharethang wui ringkapha
zimikna tunkahaila matheima…
Kachot kaho maraluiki kachithai..

Kha sarum kahai saikora ajava ningchotkhavai sahao..
Khayon hangchiphun da zathuihaira…
Ining kachot khipalikha machiphunpai mangathapai

Leishat ningchot hi iwui yarngasahao
Okthot hili leikashiva na ngathumhao…
Leishat otphun hi ina phunghaoka

Leishat kaho hithaphalungla..
Iwui uklungna nali leikashi…
Phongshok khavai na ngalemli ranganing..

Kha iwui khayon sahaora…
Sakashi leishat phaning vada…
Maphongshongshok rarthu imang zathui hao

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