From Phizo to Muivah: The Naga National Question in North East India



The Indo-Naga National question in North-east India is a practical politics. This book is a study of Naga political theory and practice in making Naga history. Written by an indigenous scholar at the time of crucial juncture in Naga contemporary society, this book carries the collective viewpoints of the insiders in quest of solving the on-going issue. After tracing the origin of the Naga People’s Movement for freedom, it examines various stages of development inviting lessons that may be learned from the past events for achieving their desired goal. The book dishonors the occupational attitudes and speaks about the struggle, the dream and the determination of the Nagas to live as ‘People’ for love of freedom. As a positive writing, many controversial concepts like Human Rights violations, Naga Nationhood, Naga People hood, Indigenous People’s Rights, the question of self-determination; the Legitimate Rights of the Nagas and their claims are forcefully argued adding critical observations on the problem.

Product details

  • Author: A Lanunungsang Ao
  • Hardcover: 409 pages
  • Publisher: Mittal Publications; 1ST edition (2009)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 8170998409
  • ISBN-13: 978-8170998402


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