Love Lust and Loyalty By Yuimi Vashum

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‘Love, Lust, and Loyalty’ talks about coping with sexual abuse as a kid, of falling in love, and of heartbreaks. Carrying the emotional impact of being abused, this book seeks to speak for kids, who had to endure the abuse in silence, because nobody said it was a crime and could seek help; no warnings. This book can also serve as a tool of awareness for parents and at the same time, to communicate with the victims of sexual abuse and emphasize that when victims overcome shame, they are just like everyone else – entitled to love, lust, and live.

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TitleLove Lust and Loyalty
Yuimi Vashum
Penthrill Publications
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2 reviews for Love Lust and Loyalty By Yuimi Vashum

  1. Her poetries will bring tears to your eyes. The struggles she had gone through. And now she is rising up to fight against such social evils. Kudos to the author for being such a brave and courageous writer!

  2. “I dare say the book is a revolution” – Chinx Lim

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