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IMPHAL | Feb 12

The heart of Imphal town was shielded with barricades and barb wires by the security forces as organisations, civil bodies and local meira paibis defying the ongoing curfew imposed in both Imphal East and West districts, held protests and demonstrations against the contentious Citizenship Amendment Bill, 2019.

Locals of Mayai Lambi stormed the residence of MLA Naoriya Pakhanglakpa assembly constituency, S. Subhachandra Singh at Ningombam Mamang Leikai, Imphal West and burned the effigies of Modi and Biren inside his compound.

Eight protestors from Kyamgei stripped down to half naked and staged a demonstration in front of the BJP office at Canchipur. Locals of Kyamgei, Chanchipur and Langthabal also tried to storm the BJP office at but police used tear gas to disperse the mob. Keisham Jibon Mala of Kha Naorem Leikai,43, received injuries in her left leg during the protest.

Manipur university students came out on the streets, burnt tyres and blocked the road in front of the university main gate. Addressing media at the spot, president of Manipur University Students Union (MUSU) warned that more protest stronger than that of June uprising and the recent university will arise if the government fails to listen to the voice of the people

Barricades were placed at Uripok Road near Petrol pump and at the approach road to RIMS Road, Keishampat junction, Singjamei approach road near Transport department office, Sanjenthong Bridge and near city convention centre, new checkon entry point, Hatta near Minu thong, AOC point, PWD office (traffic point), Thangal Bazar (Khoyathong) entry point, Thangal Bazar (Nagamapal), RIMS Road junction.

Amidst the curfew, effigies of chief minister and Prime Minister were burnt down today at Singjamei and Tiddim Road.

Decrying the passing of the bill and demanding for its immediate withdrawal, women folk of Khwairamband Ima Market have been staging a sit-in-protest at Khwairamband Ima market since February 9. After a public meeting was held at the market, the women protestors had resolved to continue the agitation by closing all the vendors, and shops including street vendors till February 12.

Students and staff of the Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Medical Sciences, JNIMS, also staged a protest sit in within the institute’s sprawling campus to lend their solidarity to the public opposition to the CAB.

Meanwhile, in a widely condemned move, the administration warned Cable TV networks they would face consequences under the Cable TV Reguation Act 1975 if they gave live coverage to the protest against CAB.

In continuation with the agitation, student bodies comprising of All Manipur Students’ Union (AMSU); Manipur Students’ Federation (MSF); Democratic Students’ Alliance of Manipur (DESAM); Kangleipak Students’Association (KSA); Students’ Union of Kangleipak (SUK) and Apunba Ireipakki Maheirosing Singpanglup (AIMS) hoisted black flag yesterday at Keithel Lairembi Sana Khongnang, Samu Makhong, Khwairamband, Imphal.

Manipur Peoples’ Against Citizenship Amendment Bill, 2016 (MANPAC), had announced to conduct indefinite on-road agitation till the bill is completely withdrawn.

Protestors blocked various main roads of city by burning tyres and logs across the road.

Women folks of Singjamei Mayengbam Leikai burnt down effigies of chief minister, N. Biren and Prime Minister, Narendra Modi today evening decrying the passing of the bill at Singjamei Mayengbam Leikai. Women folks burnt down the effigies by chanting slogan ‘withdraw CAB immediately’, ‘down down BJP’, ‘long live Manipur’.

On the other hand, huge number of protestors stripped half naked and marched a rally along Tiddim road and burnt down the effigies of CM and PM at Keishampat Takhel Leikai. Protestors marched the rally by dismantling the banners installed at the road median along Tiddim Road. To control the protestors, police fired number of tear gas shells and mocked bomb.

Later, protestors at Kwakeithel Bazar also burnt down the effigies of CM and PM. Though additional police personnel from Imphal East districts were deployed to control the agitation, police failed to save the effigies from being burnt down.

Supporting the movement, people of Khagempalli Huidrom Leikai, Imphal West tried to block Mayai Lambi by holding black flags but Imphal West police commando dispersed the protestors with mocked bombs and tear gas shells.

Similar protests, were seen in most of the areas of the Imphal valley. Police Barricades wrapped with barbwire were used to block the road at Khoyathong crossing along PWD department, Pureiromba Khongnangkhong, Moirangkhom, and near Samu makhong.

Against the Bill, clubs and meira paibis of Samurou, Naorem Chaprou, jointly held a sit in protest at Samurou market and stormed the residence of MLA Wangoi assembly constituency and raised many slogans against the Bill. The local meira paibis are spending the night at Samurou bazaar as a part of the protests.

More than 250 passengers were left stranded in the Imphal International Airport for nearly 5 hours as protesters blocked Tiddim Road at various locations by burning tyres.

However, in the late afternoon around 6 pm, four police vehicles pick the passengers and dropped them at Nityaipat Chuthek.

“We support the protest against CAB. We excepted that the protesters will not give restrictions to the passage of people who are coming back to the State via flight but what happened today was in contrary to expectations,” said a stranded passenger.



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