proxy voting at andro

Manipur News | IMPHAL | Apr 21

“The video uploaded on social media about the supposed humiliation of a police constable was intended to spread lies. The people should be aware of the actual scenario of the incident at the polling station in Andro assembly constituency where Congress polling agents were harassed by BJP workers. Proxy voting was conducted at Andro and it was done under cautious planning.”

This was stated by Congress MLA of Wangkhem assembly constituency, Keisham Meghachandra during a press conference held today at Congress Bhavan located at B.T. Road, Imphal.

He claimed that BJP workers violated democratic voting rights in Andro assembly constituency by resorting to Goondaism. He was appointed as election observer by high command of Congress party, he said. During his observation accompanied by INC candidate, Nabakishore and other party members, no Congress agents were found in most of the polling stations, he stated. They were absent due to the physical threats made by BJP workers, he added.

At a polling station in Nongpok Keithelmanbi, local meira paibies along with some BJP workers blocked the congress agents from entering the station, he alleged. The said polling station was even found decorated with BJP posters and flags which could have been well against election model code of conduct, he stated.

When the agents along with INC candidate were not allowed to enter the polling station, the state police who were posted there, failed to take any action against the meira paibies and BJP workers, he added. After noticing the scenario, he asked the head constable who was in-charge of the polling station to take control of the situation, he said.

“I agree that I may have used high tone while addressing the police officials but I did not humiliate them at the polling station,” he stated.

Meghachandra further clarified that he did not meant to individually humiliate them but he was merely seeking for the voting rights. As the police official failed to discharge his duty, he only gave warning to file complain at the Election Commission of India for taking necessary legal action for not performing his duty, he said.

He further said that BJP must stop practicing the culture of Goondaism in Andro assemlby constituency by violating the voting rights of the citizens. If the party has any guts, then they can compete in the election through a democratic manner instead of assaulting INC agents and workers, he added.

He further clarified that the video was uploaded to spread lies and appealed that the people should try to find out the full scenario behind the incident, to understand why he raised his voice against a police official. He took the step at the said polling station on April 18 to stop the humiliation meted out against the INC agents and workers.


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