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‘Being the best at whatever talent you have, that’s what stimulates life’ is an exact phrase to describe Alex Shimray, one of biggest name of the Indian tattoo industry right now. He has tattooed many Indian celebrates, some international football players and many Indian cricketers, thus getting the title of ‘India’s Best Colour Tattoo Artist.’ He has travelled around the globe to take part in different tattoo convections. He is living the life of his dreams by making a living out of something he loves.

Born in Ukrul district of Manipur in 1984, he spent his childhood in Nagaland where he did his schooling. His childhood brought many trials and tribulations, at a tender of nine, he lost his father to drugs and, in 2002, his mother who has been the pillar of the family passed away from HIV. He then moved to Pune with his brother to pursue B.Com, where he discovered the art of tattooing and from then, there was no looking back.

To the organization that helped shape the politics and destiny of women’s movement in its land and beyond; that represents the voice of women in the hills of Ukhrul; that has built a history of struggle and resistance against militarization and injustice from 1974 and continues to do so: we write this letter to appeal with good intent; remembering and recalling families grappling with life and livelihood issues on an everyday basis.
Resu, the founder and first Khullakpa, originally lived on Khundei hill. From there he moved to what is now the site of Phaibung Khunao. One day he went hunting, and wounded a large deer. He followed the tracks to a pool of water near the present site of the Khullakpa's house. He climbed a tree and found millet, which he took. Next morning he went home, and his wife offered him rice and zu, but he refused it. That night he sought omens in a dream, and the dream told him to change the site of his village. He was to tie a rope round the neck of his mithan and a stone to the other end, turn the mithan loose and follow it. When the stone fell off, the site was reached. However, he found a suitable site behind the present one, and did not wait for the stone to fall. As he was clearing his house-site many lice came up from the ground, and after he had settled there tigers came and killed his cattle. Then he remembered the omen of the lice, and moved up to the present site of Chingjaroi, where he built a house in the position of the present Khullakpa's.
In the thick of political turmoil where patriotism and corruption are alleged to be one, the movie LAY (Lan Ashee Yur) is a welcoming move. Written and directed by one of Tangkhul’s favourite actors Khavangpam Mahung who debuted his first act in the movie Kha Yurna Mataimei, I went expecting a romanticised patriotic movie and surely so, it was. Although the glorification could’ve been more subtle, they brought in a lot of real issues packed with punchlines, and I nevertheless enjoyed the show.

Miss Rose, a Tangkhul girl of Ngaprum Khullen village in Ukhrul district, was gang raped for hours in the house of Mr. R. Khasung in the night of 4 March 1974 by the officers of 95 Border Security Force. Rose committed suicide on 6 March 1974. She wrote a suicide note in Tangkhul language to her boyfriend. That suicide note was translated into Manipuri, and it was published at a publication of the Pan Manipur Youth League in 1993. The Manipuri version of the note was again translated into English by Ms. R.K. Smejita

For us, the land and people are inseparable, if one is affected the other is affected also. Beneath the earth lies the bones of my grandfathers and great great grandfathers, above the sky lives the spirit of my great great ancestors! We as people, live in the space between, with our feet on our Mother, the land which provides for our physical needs, and our heads in the sky which provides our spiritual nourishment. For us land and the spiritual significance and the people are inseparable. We have a sacred responsibility to care for the land. Land belongs to me and I belong to land, I am the land and the land is me, we are inseparable!

Beloved in Christ,
May the grace and peace of God be upon you all.We've come a long way crossing stormy weather and lots of obstacles.It is not an easy road for us .We have come this far all because of your prayers support for which we are so grateful to you all standing on this solid foundation of Christ ,now we proudly testify before God,"Yes we've fought the good fight ,we've finished the race and kept the faith." None of us were qualified nor perfect in the eyes of God and the world. Now this has become our testimony that God chose the foolish and the weak of the world to proclaim his wisdom and power.Yes our perfection/competency comes from the Lord.