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Letter from Anthony Ningkhan Shimray

To our prayer partners and supporters
~Anthony Ningkhan Shimray.

Beloved in Christ,
May the grace and peace of God be upon you all.We've come a long way crossing stormy weather and lots of obstacles.It is not an easy road for us .We have come this far all because of your prayers support for which we are so grateful to you all standing on this solid foundation of Christ ,now we proudly testify before God,"Yes we've fought the good fight ,we've finished the race and kept the faith." None of us were qualified nor perfect in the eyes of God and the world. Now this has become our testimony that God chose the foolish and the weak of the world to proclaim his wisdom and power.Yes our perfection/competency comes from the Lord.

Infact,we've crossed the line of impossibility through Christ Jesus.We declare the word of Christ,"With men this is impossible ,but with God all things are possible."-Mathew 19:26.

Those who oppose us are now silent .However the spirit of God was marching on and touched the heart of the authorities .God is great ,the spirit lead them to join our worship.Some of them come and joined our fellowship secretly like a samarian woman seeking our prayer support.One among them,testified in the church that he has found peace and joy. Another amazing work of the Holy spirit on 28th September confirms that God hears our prayer and he is in control of everything. On this day, the authorities summon me in their head office and inquired about our church and mission activities.Having clarified all their queries they advised me nicely,whatever you do please keep us informed." Dy-SP called out my name and told me in a humble manner ,"We need your prayer's ,blessing,so please pray for me ,for my family and all jail authorities and inmates. this is our request and my personal request to the church, hearing these words coming out from the mouth of the authority, i was so much touched by the spirit then,i lifted my right hand ,made a short prayer and bless them in the name of Jesus christ. Amen...Amen...Amen. then they all said Amen.

The value of a prisoner is nothing lower than animal yet, God lifted up us on high because we put our trust on him and called on him day and night. Blessed be the name of the Lord ...most high.

Believing on the providence of God and self-reliance we've been struggling with limited sources and means. We've none but to rely once again on your selfless generous Financial support . Yes the harvest is indeed great now by the blessing of God.Please pray first and respond to us . We regret to inform you that we can't go beyond the limits. Be informed that the fund will be utilised particularly on purchase of Bible ,stationery items and toiletries especially for those who has no visitors.
Bible in different Language:
Hindi, New Testament (Naya niam)------100pcs,
Hindi holy Bible ----------40pcs.
English new Testament--------------50pcs
Espanol (santa Biblia)--------------5pcs
Chinese ------------------6pcs
Nepali (Both New &Old testament-------20pcs

Hymn book and praise &worship songs---100 books(Both English and Hindi)
Our battle is great but it's not ours but God's. we are only his instrument to fulfill his purpose on earth. The number of believer increases each month ranging from 80-90 . From January 2011 onwards we have saved more than 2000 lost souls and still counting. Most of them have been released.Among them some committed followers carried on the vision of Christ.
May God's unfailing love peace ,protection and mercy be upon you all.

Yours .
Humble Servant of Christ.
Anthony Ningkhan Shimray.
Gen.Overseer . Director Prison Mission in Tihar.

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