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The protracted Indo-Naga peace-talk is a dear issue the Nagas are sincerely praying for. The signing of the Framework Agreement on 3rd August, 2015 has brought a ray of hope for an amicable settlement. The talks being held at the highest level and looking at the current situation, we believe that the two governments are serious. We bestow our trust to the people on the negotiating table and meantime pray for the Godly wisdom to prevail.
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By Kharingyo Shimrah

In the time of World War I (1914–18), the British Government recruited a number of labourers and porters from the Naga tribes. As part of the labor corps, around 2000 Nagas and many more from North east led by RS Ruichumhao were sent to France, where, alienated from the other British Indian troops, they developed a sense of unity. They agreed that after returning to their homeland, they will work towards unity and friendship among the various Naga tribes. These Nagas under RS Ruichumhao leadership come together with the British officials, formed the Naga Club in 1918. Mr. R.S. Ruichumhao was one of the few who can speak English and translate to fellow Naga about the ideas of the important of forming Naga Club. No doubt he is one of the visionary leaders who contribute the ideas of forming the Naga Club. However, His name was excluded in the signing of memorandum to Simon Commission because his interest has turn toward spreading of Gospel in Nagalim.

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In short, Mr. R. Suisa biography can be described as- teacher, missionary, politician, revolutionary, thinker and settled down as vegetable vendor in Dimapur town [Nagaland]. In other words, R. Suisa is a Pastor, MLA, MP [Lok Sabha], Naga revolutionary [underground], later resigned from NNC and ventured to put up his proposal of India-Naga issue as Naga well-wisher. Mr. Suisa was born in Somdal Village, western side of Ukhrul district
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Ramvao L Shimray

Freedom is an expensive commodity that comes but at a heavy price – blood, tears, toils and sweat being the primary concerns involved, not to elaborate so much as to the industrial, technological and scientific aspects of engagements.  And yet, even after having finally achieved its ultimate goal, freedom was alas not so much free as made out to be, with all the assorted conventional rules both man made and natural laws of the globe put together.  Freedom was never free per se but for attainment of an independent slot for its national identity at global level, and all other peripheral interests subsequently fall in line with it.
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History is sometimes deliberately selective, some remain unrecorded, some heroes unglorified, some sacrifices are not documented and publicised. Such is the story of Major Bob Ralengnao Khathing, a war hero, civil servant, teacher and diplomat. The first person of tribal origin to serve as an Ambassador for India and played a weighty role in the annexation of Arunachal Pradesh to the Union of India. The British Army awarded the Military Cross (MC) for his service during World War II.
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Ramachan A Shimray

The recent episode in Ukhrul between All Hunphun Tang Association (AHTA) and Ukhrul Town Women Vendors Association (Zaoranao Sin-shim) in the name of Ukhrul Town Sanitation Movement has brought grave concern for all the inhabitants of Ukhrul. This short piece of writing is an attempt to address the ongoing issue by highlighting few concerns and reasons as I belong to the community.
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It is ‘a complex fate’ being a Naga. But in our context, it is a double-edged sword because the complexity lies not only in the way ‘outsiders’ view us but also in the way we see ourselves…. Being a Naga has never been easy for us. The mystique and negative power of the ‘savage’ has always fascinated the western mind and when we were ‘discovered’ by anthropologists and ethnographers in the 19th century, we became exotic and exciting specimens for them to study, but from their perspective only.
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The historic ‘Memorandum of the Naga Hills’ that was officially submitted to the Indian Statutory Commission on January 10, 1929 by the Naga Club, also popularly known as the letter to the Simon Commission, ought to be acknowledged as perhaps the starting point for what we have come to understand as the ‘journey of common hope’ for the Naga people.


The formation of the Naga Club at Kohima in the year 1918 by the Naga elders was a sincere attempt to bring about a common platform from where the needs and aspirations of the people could be voiced. On the other hand, the letter to the Simon Commission is inspiring in that it had the foresight and vision to recognize early on, the rights of the Naga people, while demonstrating the spirit of oneness that is so lacking today.

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Once in an academic discussion in Jawaharlal Nehru University, a noted historian from the northeast stated that the Kukis and the Nagas are traditional enemy, this was resented by some young Naga scholars and make the historian to retract his statement. It is true that despite the history of the Kuki-Naga relationship was marked by mistrust and suspicion, the enmity between the Nagas and the Kukis are not older than the colonial period.

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As we know that preaching about civil-war in all the platform by K.K. Sema is not a good intention; I have a problem with his intention, every nationalist is skeptical and fishy about his intention. He starts his slogan from “one govt. one tax” and shift to corruption, and again from corruption to Naga politics. His speech divide the Nagas based on the artificial boundaries and targeted to NSCN-IM; and get divided the Nagas into tribal line and imposed artificial boundaries. Nagas has neither caste system nor class system; every Naga is equal, don’t discriminate anyone from any angle. Respect every citizen of Nagalim equally while it’s on ripening political process which harvest will be fruitful. Some of our self proclaim leaders are misleading the innocent and common people; they talk about everything you have ever wish and talk like a concern citizens but their intention is to kill Naga National right.

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