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From A Young Clergy To An Old Clergy

My personal letter to Revd Dr Hawlngam Haokip, who administered 25th Black Day Observation at Churachandpur

I once had an opportunity to help carry your bag as a young boy of 15 when you visited a Maring area during your MBC tenure. I deeply respect you till today as an elder clergy. I am in the ministry now inspired by all of you and called by our Lord. As a youth, I have had many good and cherished memories with our Kuki brothers attending a school in Ideal Mission School Pallel in the 80s. I was educated because the owner of Ideal Mission School gave me scholarships for my whole schooling. His name is Hawlthang Mate. I remain indebted and grateful to him till today.

Then comes the 90s, the saddest part of our innocent lives which broke the hearts of many, irrespective of the ethnic line. We have to move to safer place i.e Imphal. We never knew who did what but there was no mercy for any in Chandel District, Tamenglong, Ukhrul. My family members were killed, my friends were pulled down from bus and murdered on the way to Guwahati, my classmate in DM college with his wife were killed when a bus was pushed down by KNF in Tamenglong road. Are Nagas innocent? No and never. Has Nagas murdered innocent Kukis? Yes! We cannot forget what happened in Tamei. We cried over the innocent people killed mercilessly. Are Kukis innocent? I hope you know what your answer/s would be. Are Kukis just an innocent victim of ruthless Tangkhul? I know and you know the answer. Both the communities suffered so much and we don’t want to let gun trotting people start another one again.

What I fail to understand is and please help me to understand, why Kukis observe Black Day? Are you saying that Kukis souls are more precious than Nagas? May be I am ignorant, but please help me to digest, are the mistakes just the Tangkhul led NSCN? Is Kuki a victim of Tangkhul’s aggression? It pains me as God’s servant when you in person dedicate the monument listing the names on the stone. I don’t mean that they shouldn’t be remembered, but the way you are trying to remember them is to aggravate anger among the younger generation. If Nagas or Tangkhul builds another monolith imitating such monument learning from this, will it bring any good to the Co-existence of the communities? Will our calling be to aggravate anger for past mistakes or to teach love and forgiveness just as Jesus taught us. I am in the ministry too and have moved from Manipur. I love all communities and will never differentiate Kukis and Nagas. In fact my brothers married two of your sweet daughters who are my elder sister and a younger sister. How long do you want to let this anger go? Or do you want Nagas also built a monument to remember those innocent people murder by Kuki militant? I would rather chose love and co existence-giving love and taking love.

Be it Nagas or Kukis, as long as respectable clergies are involved in politics instead of preaching forgiveness and love. Our world would continue to shed blood and unfortunately we will feel heaven is only made exclusively for Nagas or Kukis. If we cannot live in peace here on earth, how can we ever live together in Heaven? God bless you. And I will be waiting for you thoughts to make me understand your side of your thought.

- Home Steward Jamang,
Chatric Village

Author: Home Steward Jamang

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