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Dr. Nelson Vashum

*Celebrating an ugly past is unbecoming of people who follow Jesus Christ – the prince of peace. It is just the opposite of charity for all and malice towards none. Naga-Kuki clash in the early nineties would be very unpleasant and obnoxious for any sensible person. The conflicts were blatant displays of satanic influence overpowering the Christian faith of both sides.*

*If I may quote Rev. Adeyeimo of Africa:* _*"The conflicts proved that our Christianity then was only one inch deep though a kilometer long. A lot of good and holy professings on the mouth but the hands were hell-bent for crimes."*_

*It started like a spark in Chandel district in 1992 and in no time cries for blood reached its zenith. Human right abuses of the worst kinds heard and seen all over the hill districts. Brutalities committed by both sides were beyond fair descriptions. The worst was a bus proceeding to Tamenglong was pushed down a cliff with Naga passengers inside by Kuki Defense Force (KDF). For many years, I restrained myself not to let the following informations come to public domain. However, repeated and hysterical celebrations of Black Day on the 13th September every year compelled me to lay bare the genesis of Naga-Kuki clash as I knew then and remember now.*

*By the way, I was collecting informations on Human Right Abuses committed by the Indian Army, NSCN (IM) and NSCN (K) for some Organizations – National and International from 1988 to 1995. As Naga-Kuki clash was unfolding concurrently, my scope was widened and to my fortune all came tumbling in my way.*

*However, I passed on faithfully all the informations to the concerned Organizations. My present informations are retrievals from my recollective closet and therefore, I beg the pardon of all for missing the dates, month, year and name of some persons. However, the factual informations can be confirmed through RTI – if only the archives of the states in question and Government of India are truthful.*


Author: Dr. Nelson Vashum

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