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The manipulations of our origin that is clearly being attempted by Hidutva is the declaration that “The Christians in India are children of Ram,” by Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti, Union Minister of State for Food Processing Industries. She, a BJP MP of Fatehpur (UP) adopted deceptive tactics in her attempt to misinterpret the identity of non-Hindus including Nagas. Nagas belong to the Mongolian race and have nothing to do with Ram historically, religiously or in any other way. The so-called Ghar Wapsi or “homecoming” conversion melas or uniform civil codes do not arise in the case of Nagas, including Gaidinliu’s Heraka.
Tangkhul, a sub-tribe of Naga tribe inhabitants of Ukhrul District in Manipur, India and some in Somra tract of Myanmar had very distinct burial rituals before the advent of Christianity in the late 19th century. The pre-Christian era rituals reveal the tribe's reverence and respect for the dead.
The Tangkhuls have great respect for the dead, which ostensibly is attributed to the strong belief that there is life after death. For this, there used to be a special festival ‘Thisham’ celebrated for twelve days in the month of January. The festival was typically an occasion to bid goodbye to departed souls of the previous year. Thisham was celebrated in strict adherence to rituals practiced from time immemorial. Folk dance and folk songs performed during the festival are said to be unique.
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