IMPHAL | Oct 7: Tangkhul civil bodies have today jointly stated that the proposed centenary observation of Anglo-Kuki War is a ‘sinister design’ to claim the Tangkhul lands occupied by the Kukis as the latter’s ancestral land for their own ‘political mileage’.

In a memorandum submitted to the chief minister of the state, through the deputy commissioner of Ukhrul, the civil bodies maintained that “It is a matter of a great concern that all the Kuki village living in the Tangkhul ancestral lands, particularly Ukhrul district and Kamjong area have already planned to observe the centenary of the so called Anglo-Kuki War of 1917-1919 with sinister design to claim the lands they are occupying now as their ancestral land for their own political mileage.”

The memorandum is jointly signed by Hopingson A. Shimray, president of Tangkhul Naga Long, Shomi Angkang, chairmen of Aze Longphang (South Zone), Mangang Raman, chairman of Zingtun Longphang (West Zone), Thotreishang Keitang, vice chairman of Zingsho Longphang (East Zone), Dearson Chamroy, chairman of Ato Longphang (North Zone) and A. S. Vaomi, president of TNWL.

It is categorically stated that none of the present Kuki villages in Tangkhul areas had existed during the time of the so called Anglo-Kuki War 1917-19 and whether or not, the said war was actually a war against the British or they were land marauders from Tangkhul Nagas duly armed by the British is still disputed, the memorandum read.

They came and settled in Tangkhul areas only after the 1930s by paying ‘Loushal or Lamban’ to the Tangkhul village owners. There are many written documents in support of the facts that they were refugees. They were paid refugee allowances till 1968 as provided by recorded documents, it added.

Whereas, it is fact that there was not an inch of land owned by Kukis in the years 1917-1919 in Tangkhul Naga areas, to concieve such an outrageous idea of erecting the memorial stone in the name of Anglo-Kuki War inscribing thereon ‘in defense of their ancestral land and freedom’ is so unfounded and illogical, if not for the purpose of a conspiracy to use such activities of event for their illusionary dream of usurping land from the Tangkhul Nagas in support of their so called proposed Kuki Territorial Council, it continued.

Further the memorandum read, it is reiterated that there is not even an inch of Kuki ancestral land in the Tangkhul area (Ukhrul District and Kamjong area) and hence Tangkhul Naga community cannot under no circumstances allow the Kuki villages to carry out such event on 17 October 2019 particularly associating with erection of memorial stones with objectionable inscription thereon.

The memorandum went to urge the chief minister to take urgent necessary preventive measures to restrain the Kuki villages from erecting the memorial stones in the interest of peace and harmony between the communities.



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