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13.07.2018, 9:39 AM

IMPHAL | Jul 12 : Shirui Village Authority, Ukhrul district has stated that the proposal by the Manipur state government through the Forest department since early 1980’s to declare Shirui Kashong as Shirui National Park had been strongly rejected by Shirui Village till date.

A release stated that Shirui Village has stood on to this position. It has come to the knowledge of the organisation that the forest department have been using the name Shirui National Park and have also identified it as an Eco Sensitive Zone, it said. Such usage should be withdrawn immediately and the forest department should refrain from using such nomenclature such as Shirui National Park, the release informed.

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12.07.2018, 10:57 AM

UKHRUL | Jul 11 : ADC Ukhrul has seriously viewed the shortage of cash in banks of Ukhrul district, which have not received remittance for the past two months.

In a press conference held at the chamber of chairman, ADC Ukhrul, PaothingVashum said that due to shortage of cash inthe banks, people are facing serious transaction problems and few existing ATM booth has also stopped functioning.

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04.07.2018, 9:11 AM

UKHRUL | Jul 3 : MLA of Chingai assembly constituency, Khashim Vashum laid the foundation stone of Talui police station, Ukhrul district, today.

In his speech, Khashim informed that Talui police station has been specifically set up to protect National Highway 102A.  He expressed gratitude to the chief minister for allowing in materialising it within a short span of time. The construction of the police station will surely benefit the people, he remarked.  

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04.07.2018, 9:09 AM

UKHRUL | Jul 3 : Villagers of Talui celebrated Shumkhap Phanit 2018 under the theme ‘Remembering God's Blessing’.

The celebration which is done after paddy transplantation was attended by MLA of Chingai assembly constituency, Khashim Vashum as chief guest along with executive members of ADC Ukhrul Kapangpam Zimik, Khayinghor Valui, Mashunngam SP, Thuingahan Pheirim and deputy commissioner of Ukhrul, Harmit Singh Pahuja at Pre Centenary Hall of Talui village.

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02.07.2018, 4:50 PM
Chãn-Sak Debate Competition wui final round ãja Ukhrul wui Viewland li khalei NERCORMP Hall li khuikãda Qr. Ngayaipam A Shimray na top prize khuihaira.

Ura Public Charitable Trust na rungmida khuikakã debate final round hili ‘Ukhrul wui wortamrin zakshisangda khalei hi Wortam Shim kala Yarui Longnao bingna shokngasakta khaleina’ kaji maramli finalist mi 6 da ngaphat ngayat sãhaira.
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02.07.2018, 4:42 PM

Imphal, July 1

Ukhrul District wui lungli khalei Awangkasom khali aja HQ IGAR (South) wui azingli khalei 10 Sector Assam Rifles wui Somsai Battalion na rungmida Awangkasom Company eina Awangkasom Village wui ngachaili friendly volleyball match akha rungmi haira.

AR wui pheikar chi sports lamli khawungnaobingli ning mathuk ngasakta ‘Friendship through Sports’ kaji hi leingasak khavai ningrinli rungkhaminada PRO wui paoli hanga. Hikatha match rungkhami hinala ngareo ngahanwui ningchuk chi khanuithot bingli leingasakta athumwui sports skillbing chi khangkãmida chuikhamei thakli ngareovãlui khavai ningrinli rungkhamina jihaira.

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29.06.2018, 5:42 PM

Tangkhul feature film ‘Pheichon’ hi rãkharã July tarik 7 thang ngashun pung 3 li Imphal wui Chingmeirong li khalei Tribal Research Institute (TRI) Auditorium Hall li kãpmikida (screening) lei.

Ãja Pheichon film production team wui mathun eina TVT na Imphal wui Berean Lodge, Deulahland li paome bingli ngahotta film hiwui maramli meikhai chithei haira. Film screening hi The Voice of Tehila (TVT) na manage sãda khaleina.

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29.06.2018, 5:41 PM

Chãn-Sak hiya debate competition mãng maning mana, kha tuikui “Cultural Values shimãn mamãnda khalei hi khanuithot bingwui vãng einana” hili ngazektã kahai tuipong bing china khamataiyana da Debate hiwui chairperson sãme Qr. Ramthing Horam na phongshoka. Ngazek kahai issue hi aruihon ithumna saklãk eina khuiki kaji issue ãkhana da ãna hãnga.

Ura Public Charitable Trust na rungmida ãja Chãn-Sak Debate Competition wui Elimination Round hi Ukhrul wui NERCORMP Hall, Viewland li khuikãda kupsang haira.

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28.06.2018, 12:18 PM

UKHRUL | Jun 27 : As part of the on-going “Go to Village Mission” in Manipur, the mission was successfully launched today at Ringui Village of 45-Chingai (ST) assembly constituency, Ukhrul district.

MLA of 45-Chingai assembly constituency, Khashim Vashum, attended the launch programme along with executive member, ADC Ukhrul, Khayinghor Vakui, and members of ADC Ukhrul, Dr. Yaronso Ngalung and Thanchipem Jagoi. The programme also witnessed the attendance of DC Ukhrul, Dr. Hermit Singh Pahuja, CEO, ADC Ukhrul, Polly Makan and various district level officers (DLOs) from different departments.

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27.06.2018, 9:48 PM
Hon'ble MLA K.Leishiyo na masowo sada aja Awungtang, Bungpa Khullen li "Go to village" mission maholak eina khuikami haira.

Kazip hili ADC Ramshang Khapudang, Kamjong DC, SDO, SDC,ZEO, DFO, DCO, kala department katei kachung kha na participate samida yaruiwui khavat kala grievances li yangsangmi haira.

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26.06.2018, 3:15 PM

Ukhrul district li ãkhamang ngasãda khaleiya government wui William Pettigrew College li reikasang kachikathã apong eina khuirãpaira khala kajiwui ningrin eina ãja 44-Ukhrul AC wui MLA Qr. Alfred Arthur Kan-ngam na vãyangsang haira.

MLA na local kathãnna bing kala government official bingli ngasoda college wui lam kahak kateo chi inche tape singlaga vãtamda, college hili kachikathã apong eina hakkasang kala reikasang khuirãpaira khala kaji vãyangsang haira.

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26.06.2018, 10:51 AM

UKHRUL | Jun 25 : The 79th General Conference of Talui Katamnao Long (TKL) commenced from today at Tului village with minister of education, Th. Radheshyam attending the inaugural event as chief guest. A warm welcome with traditional chanting and trumpets was accorded to the visiting minister by the villagers of Talui.

The inaugural programme also witnessed the attendance of executive member ADC Ukhrul, Kapangpam Zimik as guest of honour along with other dignitaries including Sword Vashum, reverend Fr. Micheal Wungnaongam and village elders and leaders.

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