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17.10.2018, 7:57 AM

UKHRUL| Oct 16 : Candidates appearing for National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) examinations at Pettigrew College, Ukhrul examination centre have been facing severe inconveniences and problems due to the erratic power supply during examination timings.

With hundreds of students appearing for the examinations which commenced from October 6 and will continue till November 5, the superintendent of the Pettigrew College, Ukhrul examination centre, Prof. P. Horam has appealed the local MLAs for uninterrupted supply of power during the examination timings which is from 2:30 to 3:30 pm.

It may be mentioned that NIOS has been working on the concept of On-Demand Examination (ODE) at Secondary Level since 2003 in the area of its feasibility and operationalisation. The concept of ODE is a great step in the direction of flexibility to the open and distance learning.

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04.10.2018, 7:22 AM

UKHRUL | Oct 3 : Ukhrul police station came under attack by an irate mob Wednesday night injuring a policeman and causing damage to properties inside the police station.

The incident took place around 8 pm after the police arrested two individual accused of assaulting a man. The accused arrested by the police have been identified as Tennyson Zingkhai and Reisang Kuireiwo both from Kuirei Village.

Police sources said the mob comprising mostly of Kuire village came stormed the police station demanding the immediate release Tennyson and Reisang.

The mob pelted stone at the police injuring a policeman and also inflicted damage to a police vehicle and window panes of the station.

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02.10.2018, 7:33 AM

UKHRUL | Sept 30 : The villagers of Chingai led by Village Authority, Village Development Council and Church members took up repairing of the PWD road from Awangkasom to Chingai Block Headquarter. It took the villagers four days of laborious work to repair the road, a distance of 14km.

Headman of Chingai village, Akan K Shimray informed that due to the pathetic condition of the road, the villagers have decided to repair the road. The villagers employed the aide of machines and trucks to make the road motorable.

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30.09.2018, 8:42 AM

IMPHAL | Sept 29 : To build a model residential school at Lungchong Maiphai (LM) of Ukhrul district, a total amount of Rs. 25 crores has been sanctioned.

Vice- chairman of Manipur Infrastructure Development Agency (MIDA), O. Lukhoi Singh said in his speech as chief guest during laying of the foundation stone for the Model Residential School.The program was attended by MLA 45-Chingai constituency Khashim Vashum.

LM block is located about 45 kilometres away from Ukhrul head quarter at the boundary of two sub-division of the district namely Teinem and Phalee.

The programme started with cultural programs by Teinem Youth Club and Phalee Youth Organisation.

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29.09.2018, 8:21 AM

UKHRUL | Sept 28 : The 3rd batch of ‘Skill Training on Cane and Bamboo Handicrafts and Basketry’ concluded today at the campus of Volunteer for Village Development (VVD), Khaivaren, Hungpung, Ukhrul. VVD is one of the most successful NGO operating in Ukhrul district and has been actively involved in uplifting the livelihood of the community since its inception in 1982.

Manager, Training, Cane and Bamboo Technology Centre (CBTC) Burnihat, Assam, Priyo Kumar Singh took part at the the closing function as chief guest. Manik Das, from Tripura and Elangbam from Kakching were the two instructors of the 15- day training programme. The programme was also attended by chairperson, VVD Governing Body, Janeth Hungyo, project director, VVD, Jubilate Kazingmei and members of VVD Governing Body, Grace Luikham, Reverend, M. Luiram and GS Yaopeila.

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28.09.2018, 2:19 PM

Vehicle Transport Office, Ukhrul li Driving License semkhavai thangkhali mi 20/30 li masuitãla ama/ photo kãpkhavai apply sãda khalei atam hili office wui equipment malei mana da ot masãla kapam haptã ãkha kãshung haira.

Transport Office Ukhrul li makasho hi zingkum mati/phangã kãshung kahaina, kha, ãja rashungda yaruili service khamili reception makhamathã kala ot atam chãda masãkhami hina yaruiwui alungli maring kapha leingasakshonda leihaira.

2017 wui eina haophokta driving license hi smart card maning akha valid masãlui mara kaji eina ngasoda smart card semkhavai machine hi Ukhrul li install sãmihaida, smart card li ngacheikhui khavai thangkhali mi 30 shakhana apply sãda khaleina.

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28.09.2018, 2:16 PM

Ukhrul li khalei Ukhrul Football Club wui Jersey kala Youth Academy launch sãmi haira. MPI Cafe Lounge li khuikãkahai function chili Mikpingla Industries wui Managing Director Achui G, Shatsang na Club chiwui jersey chi unveiled sãmiya. Mikpingla Industries hina, rãkharã October 6 eina thuilaga October 20 eina tangdawui alungli New Delhi li ngareokida khalei North East Tamchon Football Tournament wui 12th Edition wuivãng, Ukhrul FC wui sponsor sãmida khaleina.

Programme chili Ukhrul DC wui board member Jubilate Kazingmei, Arthar Shimray, Somipam Lungleng, Ukhrul FC wui player bing kala Mikpingla Industries wui official eina staff bingla rãzanga.

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24.09.2018, 9:59 AM

UKHRUL | Sept 23 : The 50 bedded Ukhrul District Hospital at Hungpung was commissioned for functioning on October 28, 2016, however, shortage of staffs has continued to hamper its smooth functioning.

While laying the foundation stone of Somdal CHC on July 5, health minister, L. Jayantakumar had promised to fill up the doctor lying vacant at the district hospital at the earliest. However, the promised is yet to be materialised and the hospital is functioning without much needed specialists in surgery, medicine, orthopaedic, radiology and microbiology.

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20.09.2018, 9:20 PM

Araang na rungkhami kakhane Inter-School Cup 2018 hili Paocham High School, Higher Themzan Academy, St. George School kala Ukhrul Higher Secondary School semi final ngareo khavai azang haira.

Kapangpam Zimik, Executive Members ADC Ukhrul na tournament hi shomida school 17 na ngareo ngahan hili rangarummi da lei.

Akui YR, President, Araang na kahang athi shurda semi final Khare match hi pung 10:00am li ngareora kala kakhane semi final match na phungzat 01:00pm li, semi final match hi 21st September 2018 thang ngareora kala final hi 22nd September thang pung 12:30pm li Bakshi Ground, Hungpung li ngareora da pao midalei.

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19.09.2018, 9:57 AM

UKHRUL | Sept 18 : The headman and representatives from Zingsho Mapithel Long organised a simple blessing programme endorsing the candidature of Wungnaoshang A. Shimray for the post of president of Tangkhul Naga Long (TNL), an apex body of Tangkhul community.

The TNL election is likely to be held in the end of the year, although the scheduled date and time is yet to be announced by the Election Commission.

Chairman of Zingsho Mapithel Long, Paothing Awungshi while welcoming the members, expressed gratitude to the headman and representatives from Mapithel Area for attending the blessing programme and appealed for unity among the brethren.

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19.09.2018, 9:55 AM

UKHRUL | Sept 18 : The Tangkhul Civil Society organised a rally demanding befitting punishment of the accused in the murder of Neiphretuo Metsie-o.

Thousands of people from Ukhrul district attended the rally which started from two points, Dungrei Junction and Kharasom Junction and converged at TNL Ground. Some of the placards carried by the participants of the rally read ‘Punish The Murderers By The Law of The Land’, ‘Murder in cold blood is foreign to our culture, punish them’, ‘May the Almighty God comfort the bereaved family’ and others.

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16.09.2018, 7:33 AM

UKHRUL | Sept 15 : Neiphretuo Metsie-o from Chiechama Village went missing on September 7 and his dead body was found in the morning of September 15 between Lasumi and Zapami village under Phek district.

According to report, the white Scorpio vehicle he was driving was also missing.

It was reported that the murder was allegedly committed by a woman, Ringthingchon and a man, Yuireingam alias Themreishang belonging to Tangkhul community. According to information given by Ukhrul police, one of the accused Ringthingchon, 26, is in police custody and the other accused Yuireingam is still at large while filing this report.

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