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IMPHAL | Apr 22

Electoral reform is the need of the hour for the country, if the prevailing electoral system continues the youth and society as a whole will remain corrupted, said CPI candidate Dr. Moirangthem Nara in a press conference held today.

It was a joint press conference conducted with independent candidate Rajkumar Somendro and convener of People’s Resurgence and Justice Alliance Erendro Leichombam.

Stating that he was a victim of injustice during elections, Nara said the Election Commission of India (ECI) decision to do a repoll in 12 polling stations for Inner parliamentary constituency itself is a proof that election commission is all for empowering people.

He went on to say that many are aware that the four constituencies where repoll is scheduled for is represented by the ruling party and the representative of the constituencies should be held responsible for the undemocratic practices.

When scribes asked him of his performance this election, Nara expressed his confidence that he would win the election with the backing of intelligent voters who voted for him silently, and he seems hopeful to win even after the repoll.

“People should be given the freedom to exercise their voting rights without any interference” added Nara, while claiming that the present electoral system is the root of corruption.

Without changing the root cause of election, where money and muscle power are used as a means to win the elections, youths are bound to be corrupted, Nara reiterated. More young people should take part in elections, choose their own political party, or even form a new party but adhering to a strict principle to do justice, he noted.

The Election Commissioner of India should not be blamed for all these practices as it is trying its best to make election free and fair but the ruling government should be held responsible for such illegal practices during the election, he also alleged.

Rajkumar Somendro alias Kaiku also added that many political parties had campaigned for free and fair election before the election but did not practice what they preached. “Even after using money power to convince people, indulging in booth capturing during polling is an indication that such parties have no confidence” he stated.

Youths exercising their voting franchise for the first time with a hope to bring change in the system were denied to choose their candidates and party independently. If people unite and vote for the right candidate no individual or authority will be able to stop them. People should know their power in a democracy, said Somendro.

Without the support of the masses, contesting against parties who use money power and muscle power is a difficult task, he added.

Erendro Leichombam also supplemented that, conducting a repoll is unfortunate for a democratic country as it is the outcome of mass proxy and booth capturing in the election.

To bring a true peoples’ representative for a change in the state, people should unite and stand against proxy voting and muscle power. Re-polling is a chance given to the people to bring a change and people should utilise the benefits of secret ballot, he added.


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