Krangsuri waterfalls

The most magical waterfall you can lay your eyes on. Krang Suri is cut off from the tourist circuit. Located in the Jaintia hills, it takes a while to get there from Shillong; which is the capital of Meghalaya.

Krang Suri is blessed with shimmering blue waters and sparkling sunlight. This heady mixture of nature is sometimes known to create a rainbow. It’s truly a magical pool in nature’s wonderland.

To transform the place into a tourists destination the District Administration has initiated steps to construct Chisseled and graveled footpaths and view points to enable visitors to better appreciate the beauty of the waterfall and its surroundings.

The footpaths are hewn from the natural multi colored stones available in the area, no cement has been used and stones have been placed symmetri­cally to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the area.


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