Newmai News Network |Senapati | July 28: The tripartite talks on district creation issue between the United Naga Council (UNC), Government of India (GoI) and Government of Manipur (GoM), slated for July 29 (Monday) at Senapati district headquarters, have been postponed. No future date has been fixed yet.

According to information given to the office of the UNC by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), GoI, the date, time and venue of the next meeting will be informed by the MHA “in due course.” This information was given to the UNC office by RK Pandey, Deputy Secretary to the GoI.

On learning about the postponement of the tripartite talks of July 29, UNC leaders told Newmai News Network this evening that the Naga people “will not compromise our political stand and our previous decisions and resolutions.” They added that the Naga people are the “only authority” to decide on “land, identity, rights and history and our future.”

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After a series of consultations with the Naga people they decided to continue to hold talks with the Government on the issue. “However, we will not allow the talks to go in this way,” they added.

The UNC had carried out a series of consultation with Naga organizations in connection with the district creation issue last month.

In the last round of talks held on March 9 this year, the GoM had proposed for the next round to be held in the end of July.
However, the UNC did not agree to this proposal saying that it “will go back to the people in this regard.” The UNC had also told the GoM that after consultation with the Naga people, it would communicate its decision to the GoI, which, according to its leaders, the UNC did.

Another reason for this long hiatus with regard to the tripartite talks has been due to the last Lok Sabha polls.



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