bihu in space

Ever thought what it would be like to dance in space? An astronaut who was stationed at the International Space Station just did that.

What makes this dance performance in space even more special is that Mike Fincke is doing a Rongali Bihu in the video which is a folk dance from Assam. Twitter user Anupam Bordoloi celebrated Bihu by sharing this video.

The video was captioned as ‘What’s #RongaliBihu without song and dance. Here’s #NASA astronaut Mike Fincke performing Bihu aboard the International Space Station in 2004. Mike is Assam’s son-in-law, married to Renita Saikia, who also works at NASA.’

Here is the video:

Mike ups his game by doing some cartwheels in the video. To make the Rongali Bihu authentic, he wore a red and white cloth in his neck. The cloth is known as gamosaa, which is an important part of the Bihu dance.



The video is an old one dating back to January 20, 2009. The original video was posted by one Chiranjib Baruah on Youtube. Here’s the video

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