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Ihao Thot - featherheads Haokui


Ihao Thot
A debut music video of Featherheads - Haokui

As part of the project: "decoding forte" the dialog media presents yet another work in collaboration with the amazingly talented band: Featherheads!

A music well composed as a wake up call for this genaration.
The song calls out to the young and old alike to look around them and be aware of the depleted environment. It begs us to open our eyes and ears and heed the desperate cry of nature that is slowly exhausted by the modern travesty.
The song beckons us to be mindful as God, in the guise of nature, call to us to protect and preserve the nature before it is too late.


Behold the sky,
And, listen to the wind;
Open your ears and eyes.
Awake, my generation!

The rivers have run dried.
Awake, before it gets exhausted....
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