DIMAPUR, OCT 27 (NPN) | Working Committee (WC) of Naga National Political Groups (NNPGs) has said, that since the entire Naga society of Nagaland has been demanding early solution from the government of India and even the Nagaland political parties who have been meeting with union government to demand early solution; the government of India has responded by deciding to act on the deadline as demanded by the Naga legislators and tribal leaders.

In a communiqué Media Cell of WC,NNPGs said it was therefore time for the Naga elected leaders, who have taken the oath of office and secrecy under the constitution of India, “to come forward and clearly express their stand.”

WC pointed out that “the position and status of elected representatives of Nagaland cannot remain lukewarm” and neither can they “choose to hide behind the boulders blocking the way” when Naga tribes have spelt out their position.

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WC therefore demanded that if the political parties of Nagaland “fail in their constitutional duties and obligations, they should resign and allow the ECI to derecognize the parties.” WC reiterated, that it was “time for political parties in Nagaland to clear their positions in the interest of the Naga people.” It also said Nagas must “remain reassured by the commitment of the elected legislators in the event of a Naga solution.”

WC also reminded, that “immediately after the general election” tribal bodies met with the Interlocutor and assured of their support for an early solution. It said the government of India accordingly decided “to conclude the ongoing negotiations within three months time, with the deadline of 31st October, 2019.”

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WC maintained that any “unresolved matters should be decided through political and democratic process after the agreement comes into force.” WC said this position was widely accepted and endorsed at the meeting on October 18 between the Interlocutor and tribal bodies and all stakeholders.

WC asked that since it is now 22 years of ceasefire, “why did the negotiating parties not address the issue of Flag, Constitution and Integration in the initial years?” It said these issues “were raked up in the twentieth year of negotiations” that was now “threatening to derail 22 years of negotiations between the GoI and NSCN (I-M).”

WC said this was “unfortunate” as three months time period was enough to work on any crisis and which could only be seen “ as a deliberate ploy to keep the Indo-Naga political matters in a limbo.”



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