As we know that preaching about civil-war in all the platform by K.K. Sema is not a good intention; I have a problem with his intention, every nationalist is skeptical and fishy about his intention. He starts his slogan from “one govt. one tax” and shift to corruption, and again from corruption to Naga politics. His speech divide the Nagas based on the artificial boundaries and targeted to NSCN-IM; and get divided the Nagas into tribal line and imposed artificial boundaries. Nagas has neither caste system nor class system; every Naga is equal, don’t discriminate anyone from any angle. Respect every citizen of Nagalim equally while it’s on ripening political process which harvest will be fruitful. Some of our self proclaim leaders are misleading the innocent and common people; they talk about everything you have ever wish and talk like a concern citizens but their intention is to kill Naga National right.

Naga national right is our birth right: We need to gain practical skills and theoretical knowledge to tackle some of the most crucial problems facing in our Naga National struggle for freedom from an evidence-driven perspective. The challenges of an individual is to work as an agent of change; and stop the people who want to bring social unrest by corrupting the mind of the youth. We should learn to respect the sacrifices made by national workers and understand the political dogma in better sense before we criticize NSCN-IM; self-proclaim leaders as an opportunist who has been trying to hijack the hard earn political solution is totally unacceptable, completely unethical and every Naga nationalist should condemned such kind of selfish episode. As a rational being, I would suggest those opportunist to know their limit before they falls into their own trap; I will rather advice them to work for Unity, Peace and Reconciliation of all Nagas in Nagalim. But instead they are busying in preaching for civil-war and against the Framework Agreement.

ACAUT has taken u-turn and upgraded from Against Corruption and Unabated Taxation into Action Committee Against Unifying Naga Territory and FA. Why did they shift from corruption to Naga politics? You have started your journey to late and don’t try to touch the star; it’s late evening, its already sunset time for you, why are you so thirst for civil war? He appointment, bad governance, inclusive talk, solution for all at once, and one know how to fool innocent youth by talking about corruption-free state, backdoor govt. one tax! He doesn’t want to understand Naga politic but all he wants is obeying his master. But the question is who is his master?

There is time for everything: Every individual doesn’t need to asked the content of FA or go against it before the final agreement process has made between Union of India and NSCN-IM; They will reveals it on the best time for both the party, in order to avoid conflict from neighboring state. However, it should be inclusive of all NPGs, CSO, Tribal Hoho and all citizen of Nagalim. I believe that the talk are inclusive for everyone but we should understand that NSCN (IM) is dealing the issue with extreme caution and carefully calculated, so that all issues are well addressed by taking into fold all eligible concern. But those opportunist refuse to listen!

Opportunist always running after money, political power, wealth,history, religious pride degree, job profile, credit, … practicality remains hideous, etc.

National workers: they have enough experiences of sleepless night, hunger days, mosquitoes bite, leeches biting, running from enemy bullets and homeless years away from villages, away from families, away from friend and all worldly desire for the sake of Naga National Right. They are struggling to reap the fruit of more then 80 rounds of talk but some opportunist has been trying hard to hijack the hard earn freedom. Mr. KK. Sema and his followers has high chances to disperse after Nagaland legislative Assembly election 2018.

No offense


Kharingyo Shimrah

Source: Naga by blood facebook page


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