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UKHRUL| Oct 5: Chairman of ADC Ukhrul, Yaronsho Ngalung and SP of Ukhrul, Worngam Ningshen unveiled the yellow stickers for taxis operating at Ukhrul during the 16th rising day celebration of Ukhrul District Passengers Service Association (UDPSA) at TNL Ground today.

Speaking on the occasion, Yaronsho Ngalung lauded the contribution made by UDPSA in providing service to the populace of Ukhrul district. While appealing the taxi owners and drivers to maintain their vehicles clean, he also requested them to follow the regulations of traffic system being enforced in Ukhrul headquarter for public convenience.

Acknowledging the employment generated by the UDPSA, Worngam Ningshem further added appealed the vehicle owners and taxi drivers to infuse a sense of professionalism in their services. “Behaviour and attitude of the drivers in dealing with the passengers from locals and outside travellers will surely reflect their profession and standard of Ukhrul,” he said while emphasising that taxi driving profession is a challenging profession who needs to be well equipped with the information of the town.

“Office goers and individuals along with the taxi drivers are the first person to meet the moment they stepped out from their home; therefore the attitude of the taxi drivers in handling with the passengers is very much important,” said Worngam Ningshen.

President of UDPSA, Khayui Raleng further stated that the yellow stickers “UDPSA HAWA” will be pasted in all vehicles that are plying as passengers taxis.

This new development is believed to help the locals and tourists in identifying vehicles as passenger taxis especially in the forthcoming ‘Shirui Lily Festival 2019’.



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